Salute family! This is a special message from your comrade Khnum “stic” Ibomu of dead prez and founder of the RBG FIT CLUB. We are so excited for the rapid growth and the developments of this community movement so far. Amazingly, in just a few months since the release of my album The Workout we have touched hundreds of thousands of lives and have witnessed countless health and fitness transformational testimonies from around the globe, inspired by The Workout and The RBG FIT CLUB Movement. Continue reading

RBG FIT CLUB…Call to Action (READ ON)

Writers/Researchers/Trainers/Nutritionists/Health Professionals/Fitness Enthusiasts/Substance Abuse Counselors. WE NEED YOU!

RBG FIT CLUB is a growing movement. We want our platform to be inspiring and useful to the community. We want the information to be practical and accurate. So we are constantly researching and looking for proven information to share. And as you know, it takes a village! There is no true movement without the contribution of the People. So we invite you to contribute articles in the areas of:

  • Health World News
  • Recipes
  • Workout Regimens
  • Fitness Products
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Current Events in the Health World
  • Blogs/Websites in the Health and Fitness World

Send your articles etc, a photo and a professional summary including your contact links to: STICRBG@GMAIL.COM. When we use your article we will send you a link and will always give credit and make sure your contact info is available to our viewers.