Grammy Nominated Activist, Emcee, Singer, and Songwriter Divine (of The Dey), also known as Divine RBG is back at it again and on a mission. Following up on his recently profound Malcom Garvey Huey, remix to Lloyd Banks version of Beamer, Benz, Bentley, alongside politically charged Dead Prez, he is set to release the new single Things Ain’t Right (Politicians). This time around Divine is sending a clear message to Politicians and communities everywhere raising the awareness that the “change” that most people are looking for must come from within, rather than waiting on any public figure to make it a reality. The message may feel as an attack on all Politicians but rather is an effort to show that most people in power will abuse it to enhance their personal agenda, rather focusing on the needs of the people. The song features Aloe Blacc and was produced by Classic Tone, mixed by Dave Dar, filmed & edited by Intikana [Production Company: Stampede Fireflies]. It is the song set to fill the gap and provide balance to what is direly missing in Hip Hop today, in a time most needed.

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