Iron Mike Vegan Weight Gain Shake Recipe

Trying to get Swole like Tookie with it, but need some vegan options? Here’s one of my favorite blends. simple and packed with over 700 non dairy calories!

This high calorie shake is full of fruit, protein and healthy fats and named in honor of Iron Mike Tyson for his transition to an all Vegan diet.

Iron Vegan Weight Gain Shake Recipe

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Shawty Lo Hospitalized For Diabetes, In Stable Condition

As reported by RapGodfthers:

Shawty Lo was hospitalized yesterday following an issue related to his diabetes.

In a statement released to RapFix, the rapper’s manager confirmed that he sought care for his disease and that he is currently on the mend.

“We appreciate the outpouring of concern and prayers. Shawty Lo was hospitalized yesterday,” said his manager Johnnie Cabbell. “He suffers from Diabetes and had to seek immediate medical attention, although he is now resting and doing well. […] He will be able to fulfill his scheduled upcoming performances and appearances.”

Earlier this year, Shawty Lo spoke on his diabetes, revealing that he’s been struggling with the affliction for 11 years. “I’m diabetic. I’ve been diabetic for 11 years now, and first I was in denial when I first became a diabetic because I wanted to stay the same. But when you learn how to cope with it, you deal with it. I’m trying to teach people who have the disease that you can live with it.”

KnottiChris: Hip Hop we need to be more aware of the things affecting our health.