Rbg Fit Club 2012 Health Pledge

New Year’s Resolutions don’t  have to fail. If you have decided you want to live a healthier lifestyle and would like some support, we invite you to take the FOCUSED 2012 RBG Health Pledge.

All year long RBGFITCLUB will be in your corner with free inspiration and information to feed your focus!

If the following goals are in alignment with your own personal goals then this is for you.

Should your motivation get low, we will be here to help keep you inspired.

If you have ever had a New Year’s resolution that you’ll failed at, (and who hasn’t?) here’s an opportunity to benefit from a team effort. You ain’t by your self in 2012. Are you FOCUSED? Take the pledge to Reach Bigger Goals!

You in or what?

The Pledge:
“Today, along with the RBG FIT CLUB I make the commitment to being the change I want to see. In all aspects of my life I pledge to stay FOCUSED on accomplishing my goals.
I pledge to do my best embracing a pro-active health and fitness lifestyle. I pledge to learn, apply and share the 5 principles of Knowledge, Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and Consistency with my community.  I pledge to develop my mind body and spirit recognizing that my effort is what makes the difference. On my word, I am Focused!”
Please leave a comment of affirming your commitment.
Check in often. We will keep the info and the inspiration flowing all year long.
Recipes, Workouts, Health Tips and Much more.
Shoot us your questions, suggestions, stories, PHOTOS  etc. Let’s build this movement together!
Khnum “Stic” Ibomu
Wings Up!Feed Your Focus

50 thoughts on “RBG 2012 HEALTH PLEDGE….Are you FOCUSED?

  1. Thank you for this. I wanna lose fourty pounds and be proud of my self again.
    Cant wait to get started, i’ll keep u posted.
    Thank u again,

  2. Stic, if no one else is riding with ya bruh, I’m all in bruh… Health and vitality for 2012! Happy New year to ya Fam…

  3. Love it! I just took the pledge! Started this morning with lots of water and freshly squeezed orange juice and now preparing for my first 5 miles run of 2012! So FOCUSED right now and proud to be part of this movement! Keep up the good word. Greets from the Netherlands!

  4. Rastafari… Blessed Love to everyone. So proud/ thankful you Khnum. Im touched right now. Teaching, Motivating youth world wide for real (Netherlands!). This is what the internet is meant for. Stay Focused!

  5. Focus is what’s up! Self-mastery is what’s up! Focus is like disciplined discipline – you keep an eye on your actions, critique where you need to shape up, keep improving by attacking weaknesses, and then keep refining by driving forward like a locomotive. The quest for human potential is an endless odyssey – we only reach new and worthy milestones through constant, diligent focus. Focus is kept alive by the pilot lights of awareness and motivation. I pledge focus!

  6. I take this pledge, I need to become a better mother, lover, sister, daughter, and friend. I salute you for encouraging the people! Salute my G!

  7. Peace kings n queens,

    I am taking tha pledge wit tha community. I registering for a 5k next month, n I need ur support n blessings. This will be my first race…n I’m vowing 2 finish…no matter what place I come in.


  8. I am down for this! Count me in! And a BIG THANK YOU for putting this page, all the resources, and all the motivational inspirational music together!

  9. This is dope Stic… Its a lot of people like myself that wants to eat healthier but don’t really know where to start.

  10. Peace I just want to inspire to live a better life style. I don’t want to do it as a fade or ego trip. I want to do it because we need as people. 1mind. 1body. 1soul…777…

  11. Count me in.
    I’m a pupil of peace
    I vow to practice until my pupils only perceive peaceful people
    and I vow to see the whole world

  12. The body is our temple…got to keep it fed, agile, strong, rested and clean! I make the pledge with all you real folks on here. Peace

  13. Salute G,

    I’m giving my word to *stic* by the RBG code on fitness & health!!! Thank u comrade for your continued uplift ment of our community!!!


    Shannon Mcc

  14. Thank you for this site. I have decided to take the pledge and embark on this new journey. I have tried so many things to lose weight but my heart and most importantly my mind werent in it. Im ready!

  15. It’s becoming as natural as brushing my teeth in the morning…along with my sunrise calistethics, meditation, now affirmation. Who has time to be bitter throughout the day…raising the bar, one day at a time…Uhuru

  16. Will drink more tea, eat more greens, drink less soda, eat less poison (Monsanto/GMO), eat more medicine (organic/natural food), seek God, be love, believe! breathe, ask for help, give encouragement.

  17. I want to base this pledge on my relationship & our goals to live a healthier lifestyle. First- I will be waking up early to prepare our hot tea/mate & our yoga area. Second- I will get back to having a normal meditation routine, this will keep my focus & balance. After I get this routine down I will be back with another goal! #Healthy Is The New Gangsta, Gonna Get G’d Up

  18. I appreciate ya’lls drive and determination. Think its time to tap into the positive energy and change myself, then attempt the world. I need this badly. Peace.

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