Avoid Cancer! Harvard Medical Advice Goes Hard on Dairy Products!

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The Harvard School of Public Health sent a strong message to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and nutrition experts everywhere with the recent release of its “Healthy Eating Plate” food guide.  The university was responding to the USDA’s new MyPlate guide for healthy eating, which replaced the outdated and misguided food pyramid.

Harvard’s nutrition experts did not pull punches, declaring that the university’s food guide was based on sound nutrition research and more importantly, not influenced by food industry lobbyists.  The greatest evidence of its research focus is the absence of dairy products from the “Healthy Eating Plate” based on Harvard’s assessment that “…high intake can increase the risk of prostate cancer and possibly ovarian cancer.”  The Harvard experts also referred to the high levels of saturated fat in most dairy products and suggested that collards, bok choy, fortified soy milk, and baked beans are safer choices than dairy for obtaining calcium, as are high quality supplements.

Kudos to Harvard for promoting greater consumption of vegetables and fruits, as well as healthier protein options such as fish, beans or nuts.  And kudos to Harvard for ignoring the lobbyists and showing the USDA what healthy eating is all about.


2 thoughts on “Avoid Cancer! Harvard Medical Advice Goes Hard on Dairy Products!

  1. I think that the title, “Healthy Eating Plate”, is a suitable name when you think about the origin of all the health issues that so many of us are suffering from. I have come to understand that it is the plate we sit in front of, at any given time of the day, that is our first line of prevention against disease. This post goes works in connection with another article you posted about hemp milk. That post persuaded me to take the step of cutting out milk entirely and put in its place almond milk. I could not make the giant to hemp milk just yet. This post confirms for me the decision i made to switch the kind of milk i drink now . Thanks for the post.

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