3 thoughts on “The Cancerous Dope Game continues: Monsanto, Milk & Fox News.

  1. Infinite Eternal Blessings!
    Speaking of Monsanto (and a few other fake-ass food companies) who are all about adding unnecessary shit to food and calling it GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and GE (Genetically Engineered) foods (also known as Franken-foods; “Franken” as in Frankenstein!) These fools are trying to fuck with nature using their madness-science on fruits and vegetables, so stay aware of what you buy and what you eat (and thoroughly research GMO and GE foods with regards to causing cancer and a host of other diseases.)
    True ‘Certified Organic’ and better yet growing your own is a safer bet.

  2. In order for a democracy to function properly, you need the existence of an unbiased media. A media that will report the facts as they see it unfolding. But when corporate influence overshadows the actual purpose of media, then we do not have a democracy anymore. We would have to describe it as something else. As a society, in my opinion, we need to begin to raise our consciousness and educate ourselves and those around us. We should not assume that our government officials are going to fix everything for us. We need to shift our perception. And understand we possess the power to change our lives and the circumstances we face. We need, as a society, to start having conversations about issues affecting us all. And in the midst of these conversations, that we are engaging in, i believe will come about the solutions to those problems. I remain optimistic that we can do this, but it will come when, as a community, we wake up and decide to improve our own lives. Peace.

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