Black History Salute to Oso Tayari Casel a living Martial Arts Legend


Mfundishi Tayari Casel is the founder and director of the Tayari Casel Martial Arts Academy, Inc.; an institution that researches, demonstrates and spreads the contribution Afrika and China have given to the international martial arts community while simultaneously furthering the appreciation of contemporary and traditional Afrikan and Chinese culture. His studies include cultural missions to Afrika and Taiwan, the Republic of China, the arts of Kupigana Ngumi, Shaolin and Tai Chi Chuan with the Directors of the Pan Afrikan Martial Arts Federation and Afrikan Spirituality with Yoruba and Akan Priests. He is currently a member of Kankouran West African Dance Company. His Kupigana Ngumi Champions are the performance component of the Martial Arts Academy demonstrating throughout the country.

Mfundishi Casel’s astonishing collection of achievements includes exhibitions and fighting matches during the 1974 – 1978 world tour of the Oriental World of Self Defense. In New York’s Madison Square Garden before 19,567 people his classic fight with Master “Little” John Davis was highlighted on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. This martial art extravaganza was the first over $100,000 martial art event in America. His fighting, forms and weapons demonstrations continued with the Oriental World of Self Defense throughout various venues in the United States as well as Royal Albert Hall (London, England), Canada, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. During his illustrious tournament career he ranked in the “Top Ten Black Belts in the USA” for over a decade, S.T.A.R. Rated # 1 in the fall of 1980 and he has won in some of the most prestigious competitive arenas in North America, such as: the Battle of Atlanta, Diamond Nationals, Superstar Nationals, AKA Grand Nationals, Top Ten National, Bare Knuckle Knock Out Championship and Nevada State Grand Championship. Tayari Casel was one of the first to popularize ground fighting in competition. In 1975 He was the only non-Karate practitioner picked by Chuck Norris to represent the USA in team fights. Recognition of his fighting and technical artistry garnered appearances on the covers of international martial arts publications including: Official Karate, Black Sports, Martial Arts Tradition, History and People, Inside Kung Fu, Defense Combat, Men of Steel Discipline, Black Heroes of the Martial Arts and The Official History of Karate in America: The Golden Age: 1968-1986.

After retiring from competition he successfully co-promoted the Triple “AAA” rated US Capitol Classics Martial Arts Tournament for seven years in the nation’s capital. He has appeared in various martial arts films and is a frequent guest on local television and radio programs discussing how martial artist have social and political responsibilities.



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