RBG FIT CLUB and Balance Radio present: A Basic 10 min meditation

for some basic meditation tips ..read on

RBG FIT CLUB Basic 10 min meditation

1. Find your meditation spot.

This should be a private spot free from external disturbances. You should feel safe, at peace and comfortable in it. If you have a bedroom to yourself, it is probably the most appropriate inside your bedroom. After you pick the spot, clean the space around it. Remove any pieces of clutter lying around.

2. Sit in a comfortable position on the floor, chair or cushion. You don’t have to specifically sit in a special way just to meditate. Just sit up straight and maintain good posture to facilitate the flow of energy.


3. Clear your mind.

Clear your mind. Loosen yourself up. Take a few deep, slow breaths. Set your phone alarm for ten minutes. Press start.

4. Simply sit and observe

Then, just sit back and observe the inner dialogue playing in your mind. Let the thoughts float by. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? Just observe; don’t engage.

Many people probably think that in meditation, they have to force themselves not to think and block out all their mental thoughts. It is really quite the opposite. You let your mind continue to think, but you don’t engage. You take the role of a passive observer and watch them from the back of your head.

Say for example, if you have a sudden thought that says ‘I need to buy groceries tomorrow’, observing it means knowing that particular thought is there. If you proceed to react from the thought, such as feeling annoyed that you have to buy groceries, or thinking about what groceries you have to buy or what time to buy them, you are engaging with the thought. Don’t do that. Your desired state in meditation is to observe these thoughts, not engage with them.

One way of detecting when your focus breaks is to count slowly from 1, 2, all the way to 10. Repeat when you reach 10. Each time your focus is deviated, take note of the last number you were reading – this is an indicator of how long you held you focus. Try again, restarting from 1, and try to go beyond the last number this time.

The presence of these thoughts during meditation means they are being cleared. These thoughts have always been present in your mind; you are just not aware since there are so many thoughts screaming for attention inside your head! And now through meditation, they are clearing out, one by one. After repeated meditations, you will gradually reach a new level of stillness. If you think your mind seems quiet now, try meditating a few days in a row – you’ll notice a new found mental peace.

Liberty from the mental clutter lets us focus even more than before thereby fully focusing and living in the present moment.

5. Ending Your Meditation

When your alarm sounds, you are done with your meditation. Start off by being present of the physical reality around you. Next, be aware of your physical body. This can take 15~30 seconds, or however long you need to do this step. Then, very slowly, open your eyes. Get attuned to your surroundings.

Instead of resuming your physical activities immediately, you might want to continue sitting in the meditative spot and reflect upon some of the thoughts, feelings or imagery that arose during your meditation. You may also want to just spend a few minutes expressing gratitude towards the things you enjoy in your life.

4 thoughts on “RBG FIT CLUB and Balance Radio present: A Basic 10 min meditation

  1. Infinite/Eternal Blessings to/for ALL

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Learning to meditate and learning how to utilize meditation as wisely as possible is VERY NECESSARY for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well being (and evolution).
    WE NEED TO BE MEDITATING EVERYDAY while learning to living in Spiritual/Physical alignment.
    IT is truly one of the most valuable keys to our survival/thrival/Self-Mastery!

  2. ……The universe speaks to you all of the time. To be able to raise your vibration higher than The Crown to me is what focus & meditation is about. It’s all about u. I always send you thug prayers.

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