RBG FIT CLUB salutes Feel Rich! Health is Truly Wealth…Hip Hop is growing healthier and Changing Lives for the Better!

Personal Letter to RBG Fit Club from Quincy Jones III and Shawn Ulman the co-founders of Feel Rich.com.

Shawn Ullman (L) and (R) Quincy Jones III (QD3) founders of  FeelRich.com with Fat Joe who recently lost a “gang” of weight on his road to a healthier lifestyle. read on…

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The Sweet Science meets the Science of Plant based Nutrition.

There will be plenty of analysts who tell the boxing story associated with the scorecards of the Pacquiao/Bradley upset, but a lesser told story of interest is the fact that Timothy Bradley trains for fights as a vegan. Bradley opts to be plant-powered in order to achieve the advantage all athletes seek, a secret that allows them to bring their game to a higher level, one their opponent can’t match. He knows and sees first-hand the benefits that a plant-based diet provide him and that is why he trains that way. For Timothy, its just about being your best. One look at this athlete makes evident that even among boxers, Bradley is an uncommon physical specimen, something special and in a class by himself. read more… Continue reading

want more energy this summer? try “Ra Tuesdays”- Celebrate and enjoy the Power of the Sun and Living (Raw) foods with this 7 week practice.

In our family every summer we have a tradition that we simply call Ra Tuesdays. “Ra” as in the Sun. For every Tuesday, for 7 weeks starting from the first Tuesday after the summer solstice and onwards, we consume no cooked or processed foods only whole raw fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, water, juices and seaweeds. the foods have only been “cooked” by the Sun.

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