RBG FIT CLUB salutes Feel Rich! Health is Truly Wealth…Hip Hop is growing healthier and Changing Lives for the Better!

Personal Letter to RBG Fit Club from Quincy Jones III and Shawn Ulman the co-founders of Feel Rich.com.

Shawn Ullman (L) and (R) Quincy Jones III (QD3) founders of  FeelRich.com with Fat Joe who recently lost a “gang” of weight on his road to a healthier lifestyle. read on…

I grew up in Sweden in a single mother household. My mother allowed me to stay up all night long and play if I wanted to. The only consistent, absolute rule was that I had to eat vegan. No exceptions. No meat, milk, or animal product of any kind was allowed in our house, and my health benefited tremendously from that one rule. I remember standing in the kitchen during dinnertime, and my mom would hold up each vegetable and describe the powerful benefits of each ingredient inside the product. She would make it sound like each vegetable or fruit had secret super powers that could be instilled inside of me if ate them. I am so thankful she did this for me. I have passed those eating habits to my children, and it’s my goal to encourage others, especially single moms, to do the same. Healthful, thoughtful eating habits are one of the most meaningful gifts anyone can give or receive.

My partner and I (Shawn Ullman) created Feel Rich because of the rampant growth of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease that is plaguing our communities. We want Feel Rich to become a resource to help debunk myths like “healthy eating is more expensive.” The majority of health messaging out there is too scientifically overwhelming, not authentic to our culture, and focuses more on the facts than stories from real role models. People remember stories more than scientific facts. And I’m happy to say Feel Rich is working. In 6 six months, our YouTube network has more views than WebMD, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig combined. We are consistently getting emails and tweets from the community thanking us for helping their kids take an interest in health. More importantly, our free fitness concerts, led by Crystal Wall (wife of rapper Paul Wall), are bringing the community together to make a positive lasting impact on their health.
We are thrilled and honored to be teaming up with Stic.Man and RBG Fit Club. Outside of the entire office consistently playing “The Workout” on repeat, we believe in the power of unity. It’s time for the community to move forward and resist the temptation to fall back on the old ways. We have lost too many young artists, friends, and close family members to health issues that could have been easily prevented. We are only on this planet for a short amount of time, and every day is a gift. It’s time for all of us to start spreading the message that “Health is the new Wealth.” I hope you join me, Stic.man, and Feel Rich on this journey.

Stay Blessed

QD3, Shawn and the OG Quincy Jones.

Shawn Ullman
Anyone who still doubts the positive emotional power of hip-hop needs nothing more than to look to RBG Fit Club and Feel Rich. Hip hop is changing lives.

As QD3 mentioned, we could not be more thrilled to be teaming up with true health warriors like Stic.Man, Afya, DivineRBG, and the whole RBG Fit community. These are exciting times. We are at the start of a revolution that will mobilize and empower the community to lead a healthier lifestyle. We’re on the threshold of an important paradigm shift where a person’s wealth will be attributed to health.

The success Stic has had with RBG Fit Club and the rapid growth we have experienced with Feel Rich (http://www.feelrich.com) is only the tip of the iceberg.

Feel Rich is more than a brand or entertainment company; we are about being a vehicle for change. To represent the Feel Rich logo signifies a legacy of greatness. Greatness, that stands for the ability to not “fit in” but to “fit out” and break the cycle of past bad habits. We represent real people who want to get to that next level and test the limits of their potential. Feel Rich is for every person who knows they want to be healthy but doesn’t know where to begin. From single moms striving to do right by their kids, to artists looking for the competitive edge to separate themselves from the pack, or the entrepreneur who is grinding on their mission to chase the vision. We encompass an entire community working hard every day to make other’s lives better.
We are just at the beginning.

You know something special is happening in the community when Stic can release an album like “The Workout”, and it receives over half million views. Something special is happening when Styles P opens up “Juices for Life” a juice bar in the middle of Castle Hill, New York. Something special is happening when you watch the explosive growth of The Bartendaz and BarStarzz movement across the US and international communities. Something special is happening when celebrity trainers like Milton Harris and Terry Williams Jr. offer the community free fitness group workouts and free personalized nutrition meal plans with no ask in return. This leads me to believe that trainers are the new role models for our community.

Hip Hop is changing lives.

Our time is now. We are all heading to the top and there is nothing that can stop us.

Feel Rich everyday of your life,

Shawn Ullman

Please show your support by liking the Feel Rich Page and following on twitter! And also Check out  Stic’s letter of support and solidarity to FEEL RICH here: http://www.feelrich.com/2012/05/30/stic-of-dead-prez-healthy-is-the-new-gangsta/#more-1988



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