ATLANTA! Join us for a FUN RUN with a Cause!

Join Us on Sunday, August 19, 2012 to kick off the inaugural Black August 5K Run for Freedom, sponsored by RBG Fit Club, FTP Movement and Habesha Urban Gardens, to promote health and fitness with a cause. It’s a fun run, not a race, all ages are welcome and you could run, jog or walk. Read on for details…

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Mikeflo (dead prez’s official tour DJ) speaks with RBG FIT CLUB on his passion for cycling, fasting and healthy living.


dead prez DJ Mikeflo is a man of many duties, talents and interests. Father, Husband, Producer, Featured Djay, Emcee, Barber, Stylist, A&R, Blogger, Cancer survivor, and more and he continues to break the mold of what it means to be a well rounded ,fly fresh and responsible human being. We recently got a chance to chop it up with Mikeflo about his commitment to healthy living, fasting and his latest interest in cycling.


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If you want to gain weight with quality non animal derived protein

or if you just want to know more ways to get more protein as a vegetarian or vegan to support Strength and muscular development… AND YOU TIRED OF PAYING TOO MUCH MONEY FOR PROTEIN POWDER SUPPLEMENTS here’s a jewel:



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Before & After! We wanna hear from you!

We’re half way through 2012 and time sure flies when you are FOCUSED!
RBG FIT CLUB is truly a way of life and we want to continue to inspire and motivate each other! Our FOCUSED 2012 campaign push is steady “running” strong, no pun intended, and i want to personally salute all of the comrades who have been putting in the work to live well, improve diet and fitness and spread the motivation to others. My morale has remained very high, thanks to my own self discipline, the support of my family and all of the support and encouragement that I have received for The Workout album and the Healthy is the new Gangsta ethos!
I’m so thankful for the stories of determination, transformation and success that keep pouring in to my inbox. Keep em coming!

We got the rest of the year to go on our FOCUSED 2012 push, and in the mean time I think it would be awesome to see some before and after, work in progress, photos from our RBG FIT CLUB comrades out there! So please send in your inspirational photos so we can magnify the inspiration and celebrate and salute your progress!

That’s all for now family, just finished a great 7 mile run and i gotta get back in the studio and work on some more beats and lyrics for The Workout part 2…it’s coming along great! I’m so Chi’d up…more info to come soon.

Stay Strong,
Khnum “stic” Ibomu


Think outside the Doc! (western doctor that is.) RBG Alternative Health Tips: Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Tired of taking and buying the artificial drugs pumped by the Western medical establishment? Tired of the side effects? High health cost bills? no cure for recurring issues? yeah, feel you dawg. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine is an effective, affordable means to treat and cure many conditions and help maintain healthy balance…but many are unaware of the many benefits it offers. Let’s do the knowledge so you know your options a bit better…

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Forever Young!

Youth Educator/Activist Karanja Crews and Stic of dead prez kick off the “Journey to Freedom Conscious Rap Book and Boot Camp” in Portland, Oregon with Success!

BY Bruce Poinsette Of The Skanner News

July 09, 2012 leads kids in meditation as part of the
Journey to Freedom Conscious Rap Boot
and Book Camp

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