Forever Young!

Youth Educator/Activist Karanja Crews and Stic of dead prez kick off the “Journey to Freedom Conscious Rap Book and Boot Camp” in Portland, Oregon with Success!

BY Bruce Poinsette Of The Skanner News

July 09, 2012 leads kids in meditation as part of the
Journey to Freedom Conscious Rap Boot
and Book Camp

read on… of Dead Prez and founder of The RBG FIT CLUB was the special guest speaker for the first session of the Journey to Freedom Project’s Conscious Rap Boot and Book Camp. Following his lecture and workout with the campers, The Skanner caught up with to discuss Dead Prez’s activity in Portland, activist work and upcoming music projects.

Bruce Poinsette: First off, how long have you been working with Karanja (Crews) and the Journey to Freedom Project?

Stic: I met Karanja a couple years ago when he introduced me to The Game, a black history board game that he created. dead prez was on tour and i thought Karanja was a brilliant, dedicated and sincere educator doing the right things with his platform as a teacher. We’ve been in touch ever since supporting each other’s works and projects.

BP: How often are you touring? how often are you able to come out to Portland?

Stic: We are out here a couple times a year, man. Dead Prez stays on tour. We’re headed to Washington right after this, Bermuda, then Atlanta, then New Jersey, then Missouri… We’re all over. its a blessing.

BP: What is the value, especially talking about healthy eating and healthy living, in reaching kids at an age like this?

Stic: I think the value is the younger you start good habits the healthier your life will be and the more help they can be to their communities. It’s good they’re starting now before the habits are too ingrained. A lot of times when we get 20, 30, 40, 50 we don’t want to change. It’s harder to change. It’s good to set a good foundation.

BP: I know Dead Prez is involved in a lot of things but could you talk a little about the activist work you guys are doing?

Stic: Dead Prez, you know, to us life is activism. And that means to be pro active. The music we do is being proactive. The healthy lifestyle we live and encourage is proactive. Taking care of our children is proactive. Supporting programs like this is proactive. We believe activism don’t just have to just be a response to something negative. It should be an affirmative action in a positive direction. M1 does support work with many political prisoners. I do a lot of  work involved with encouraging fitness, holistic health and sobriety with the RBG FIT CLUB movement i founded . We work with sustainability projects in terms of organic gardens and farms in urban areas. Wherever we can be of use with our platform we try to be there.

BP: Could you talk about what you’re working on musically?

Stic: Musically, we got a new album dropping Sep. 11, 2012 called “Information Age”. That’s a Dead Prez album. I’m working on part two to “The Workout” album that I did and we’ve got our FOCUSED 2012 campaign going all year long at

BP: Is there anything else you would like to add, whether it is about Dead Prez or healthy eating and healthy living?

Stic: I would like to just humbly share a reminder that optimal health it’s not just about a diet, it’s about a balanced lifestyle. Our health is truly our best investment. It keeps families stronger. It makes our goals and objectives truly attainable. It makes us feel good and it makes people around us feel good. Self destruction is the new wack…Healthy is the new gangsta. Salute


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