Before & After! We wanna hear from you!

We’re half way through 2012 and time sure flies when you are FOCUSED!
RBG FIT CLUB is truly a way of life and we want to continue to inspire and motivate each other! Our FOCUSED 2012 campaign push is steady “running” strong, no pun intended, and i want to personally salute all of the comrades who have been putting in the work to live well, improve diet and fitness and spread the motivation to others. My morale has remained very high, thanks to my own self discipline, the support of my family and all of the support and encouragement that I have received for The Workout album and the Healthy is the new Gangsta ethos!
I’m so thankful for the stories of determination, transformation and success that keep pouring in to my inbox. Keep em coming!

We got the rest of the year to go on our FOCUSED 2012 push, and in the mean time I think it would be awesome to see some before and after, work in progress, photos from our RBG FIT CLUB comrades out there! So please send in your inspirational photos so we can magnify the inspiration and celebrate and salute your progress!

That’s all for now family, just finished a great 7 mile run and i gotta get back in the studio and work on some more beats and lyrics for The Workout part 2…it’s coming along great! I’m so Chi’d up…more info to come soon.

Stay Strong,
Khnum “stic” Ibomu


3 thoughts on “Before & After! We wanna hear from you!

  1. I initially started my regimen during the Spring Equinox with a fast, which was wonderful, but I wasn’t consistent with my workout until 2 weeks ago I hired a trainer to help me reach my goal. I weighed in at 198 lbs and at 5’3″ that’s 45 lbs WAY too much! I just completed a 5 day juice fast, losing 9lbs of toxins 🙂 I have adopted a vegan diet and I am continuing to have only liquid at least every other day, if not, just fruit in the morning…Overall, I feel great!

  2. Glad to hear things are moving on the new album. Looking forward to the Information Age too. It would be good to set up a forum on this site. People could post their before and after shots, as well as trading training and diet tips, and thoughts on health, music, martial arts, etc. There is always a lot of good information coming through on RBG Fit Club, and so much positivity! Keep it up

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