Mikeflo (dead prez’s official tour DJ) speaks with RBG FIT CLUB on his passion for cycling, fasting and healthy living.


dead prez DJ Mikeflo is a man of many duties, talents and interests. Father, Husband, Producer, Featured Djay, Emcee, Barber, Stylist, A&R, Blogger, Cancer survivor, and more and he continues to break the mold of what it means to be a well rounded ,fly fresh and responsible human being. We recently got a chance to chop it up with Mikeflo about his commitment to healthy living, fasting and his latest interest in cycling.


1. Mikeflo you are a true renaissance man of many talents and interests. What inspired you to go on a fast and what did it consist of?

I chose to fast because I felt it was time to cleanse and prepare for a great summer. I also felt I was carrying some extra winter weight (about 5-6 pounds). My fast was all fresh juice (veg n fruits) and plenty of water daily. It was GREAT! It lasted 9 days.

  2. What inspired u to take up bike riding and what is it about it that u enjoy?

I took up biking because I always wanted to ride as a child but never really ever got the bike I wanted. Even as an adult, the bike I had didn’t MAKE me wanna ride it so I soon stopped. I got linked with FIXIE (indie pro bike shop in Atl) through www.redbikeandgreen.org and the from there I was hooked into the “fixed” riding culture. I’m a RHYDAH now! No Gears Baby!

  3. How does your approach to health help your artistry? How do they relate?

My health gives me the energy to follow thru with the various thoughts and processes of this creative mind my Creator has blessed me with. Being healthy allows me to stay up that extra hour, grind a little harder and overall places me in a balanced state that totally shapes the type of music I do. When I feel healthy I’ve found that I am really satisfied with the music I make. Also, when we (dead prez) are on your, often sleep in scarce (to say the least) and feeling healthy helps to make those early morning flights and give my best on stage behind the turntables.

4. You have a lot of great tattoo work what is one of your most meaningful pieces that you have? Please share what it means to you.

Interesting question, as I have many tattoos, but one that means a lot to me is the Heru (falcon) on my left calf. I got it to honor my grandmother, who transitioned last year. We are were/are very close. It reminds me that she will soar forever and ever more. Another piece is the “Black Power” on my forearms that serves as a daily affirmation to embrace my beautiful blackness and approach it from a powerful base/scope. I could go on and on about these tats of mine though…don’t get me started…too many to name! Just got another one too! Lol

  5. What do you feel the RBG FIT CLUB represents to you?

RBG Fit Club represents strength, power and inspiration to be better everyday. It is filled with people from all walks with the common goal to be healthy and share the knowledge. I appreciate RBG Fit Club for being a viable resource to help empower our communities on a global scale. RBG Fit Club is ME!

#RBG FIT CLUB salutes MIKEFLO’s dedication to his health. check out mikeflomusic.com for the latest releases from this stellar brother!



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