Train like an Olympian with these Fitness Apps


You dont want to miss this! Maybe you don’t have a coach, physiologist, or biomechanist on call like the folks chasing down medals in London, but if your phone is “smart” enough you can track and enhance your training in new, creative ways with these apps recommended by Australian champion swimmer Matt Welsh, who won three medals in the 2000 games. It’s like having a coach with an on-off switch—that you control. Here are 9 of the best fitness and health related apps available. Read on…

Train like an Olympian with these Fitness Apps

#1 RunKeeper – A GPS-based app that keeps track of your run, ride, or walking path, providing time, distance, average speed, and more. A great motivational and informative app that can help you analyze and track your progress from your iPhone. It’s like having a coach with you every step of the way.

#2 iFitness – Choose workouts for overall fitness or to target specific muscle groups. You can even create your own special workout and it will keep a record for future use. It’s like having a personal trainer on your iPad.

#3 aSleep Classic – A great app that provides music to create the perfect setting for you to relax for stress management, meditate, do a yoga session, or just help you get to sleep. A portable chill out zone wherever you go.

#4 FoodSwitch – A camera-based app that can read food product bar codes to inform you of nutritional content as well as providing healthier options for you to choose from. It really takes the confusion out of food labels. Your personal dietitian at the supermarket. This is sooo Gangsta!

#5 Yoga Stretch – Stretching and core strength are so important for your well-being, affecting everything from posture to digestion. Yoga Stretch app will take you through a session of your choice for both intensity and time. A yoga class ready when you are.

#6 Ready, Set, Run! – Another running based training app that lets you set a goal and then helps you achieve it by tailoring a program for your level of experience and needs. A motivation coach in your pocket.

#7 Chinese Health Massage – We can’t all have a masseuse at our beckon call, but we can help speed up our recovery with simple stretching and self massaging techniques, like an old swimming trick of using a tennis ball against a wall to ease the tension in your back and shoulders. The Chinese Health Massage app shows you simple ways to relieve tension in key stress areas like neck and upper back.

#8 iMuscle – An incredible app that helps you understand the mechanics of the body so you can choose better exercises and have more effective workouts. Use your iPad to find all those detailed muscle groups.

#9 Upbeat Workouts for Runners – A music-picking app that matches the beat of the song to your running stride to make workouts more fun and keep you in rhythm. A personal iPhone based “DJ-workout motivator” for every step!

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