We invite you to expand your exposure to the vast array of health and well-being arts to find what works for you.  This post introduces the holistic healing art of “Reiki”. Enjoy!

“Reiki” is a healing practice “coined” and developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, which has since been adapted by various teachers of varying traditions. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands on healing as a form of therapy. Through the use of this technique, practitioners believe that they are transferring universal energy in the form of ki (or chi) through the palms, which allows for self-healing and a state of inner equalibrium.”

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means ” The Higher Power” and Ki (same concept as  Chi in Chinese) which is “life force energy”. Reiki promotes the healing of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, creating many beneficial effects that includes relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. Reiki is the most widely spread energy healing science in the world today. It is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Read on…

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Boss Up-Upper Body Routine

“Here’s a nice upper body workout that I use once weekly in between running days. Perhaps you can use it or amend it to your needs.”

-stic, founder

Boss Up

25 Push ups
20 x 5 sets Dips
10 x 5 sets Pull Ups
10 x 5 sets Bench Press
21curls x 5sets (7-7-7) Curls
25 Push Ups

#strength comes from within it’s not the outer image

McDonald’s gets into a “big beef” trying to stack even more greens! Watch out here comes McVegetarian…

sayyy word????

Meat-Free McDonald’s: Fast Food Chain To Open Vegetarian Restaurants In India In 2013

McDonald’s, known worldwide as the “standard-bearer of the hamburger,” will be opening its first two vegetarian restaurants in India in 2013, BBC reports.

The fast food giant will be setting up the meat-free outlets near the Golden Temple in the Sikh holy city of Amritsar and the small northwestern town of Katra, which is located near the Hindu Vaishno Devi shrine, India’s second busiest pilgrimage spot, notes the Financial Times.

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Kenya’s Elite Runners: a study on the diet of African Champions

What can we learn from the worldwide dominant endurance runner’s diet ?

Eating practices of the best endurance athletes in the world.

Those “best endurance athletes” are clearly the Kenyan runners. Attempting to verify this fact for you is probably unnecessary, but it can at least be noted that one study found that athletes from just one collection of Kenyans, the Kalenjin tribe, had won approximately 40 percent of all major international middle- and long-distance running competitions in the 10-year period from 1987 to 1997.

In addition, approximately half of all of the male athletes in the world who have ever run the 10K in less than 27 minutes hail from Kenya. When they’re allowed to enter freely, Kenyan athletes dominate road races around the world.

And yet, until now the eating habits of the top-level Kenyan runners haven’t been examined in a westernized scientific way, even though the Kenyans’ nutritional practices must assuredly represent a partial reason for their running success.

The person who argues that “If only the Kenyans would eat differently, they could run much faster,” would be on flimsy ground.

The following article asserts that The Kenyans are doing things right when they sit down at the dinner table, or they wouldn’t dominate international competitions.

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