Last year as a movement we took the I AM FOCUSED pledged and we pushed harder, lived more active, drunk more water, applied more wisdom, ate more greens, ran more miles, lost more pounds, embraced more discipline, did more reps, gained more mass, did more stretching, saught more truth, thought more positive, bought more organic, felt more joy because we took more action in 2012. SticMan+gym 2013 is here and man do we have a fun and focused year ahead of us! I’m currently working on The Workout 2, training daily and putting the finishing touches on some exciting new campaigns for RBG FIT CLUB. Stay focused, stay inspired and stay tuned for the FEBRUARY 2013 launch of the all new WWW.RBGFITCLUB.COM. healthy and prosperous new year, founder, khnum “STIC” Ibomu