The Balance is a radio program hosted by emcee & activist Khnum Muata Ibomu b.k.a (or Stic). This program was established to give a voice to the health & wellness of our community. Tune in as we bring you knowledge on how to live a enriched & healthy life. Salute

EPISODE #4 Mar. 2012

EPISODE #3 Feb. 2012

EPISODE #2 Jan. 2012

EPISODE #1 Dec. 2011

28 thoughts on “THE BALANCE RADIO SHOW

  1. Stic I really enjoyed the first episode of “The Balance.” Good up the wonderful work in the community. Keep expanding and elevating. I’m a frequent listener of Dead Prez since the first album to all the mixtapes. Keep raising the bar. Health is Wealth. Salute

  2. from our inbox @

    Black folks are not allowed the luxury of evolution. If anything, we are all painted with the same broad brush. Expected to be monolithic. Trained to be oh so happy with societal scraps. But never u….always challenging yourself and others to summon the beauty within…

    RBG Fit Club is our clarion call. Our sweet tea on a hot summer day. A do it yourself manual with a slick grass roots soundtrack.

    Most importantly, your radio show makes healthy living accessible to a generation of skeptics who–quite often– don’t have the means to cop joints at Whole Foods or the knowledge base to fight for their spirit and mind. The Balance allows your wit, humor, positivity, activism, and love for your people to shine organic. It aint contrived. It aint mass marketed. It is what it damn is….and Lawd knows we need a healing….

    consider me a servant of your mission….however u need me…use me bro

    mad luv

    Peace, Cornbread, and Sweet Tea
    Edward Garnes/Founder
    From Afros To Shelltoes

  3. Thanks for creating this – brilliant idea and I look forward to learning more. Very informative on so many levels and I like that it keeps the mind stimulated by having both talk and music. I certainly intend to pass along to friends and family and also introduce my students to it! I look forward to hearing more!

  4. i love this side, this track its getting me motivated to pump up the iron, to hear good music and its good for my thaiboxgym in austria vienna keep on going your way .

    one love to RBG

  5. Thanks Sticky! I really appreciate this… You and KRS-one’s “The Hip Hop Gospel” have sent me in a new direction. We have a lot of the same problems and issues in the white community. Would love to work with RBG and spreading its message. New Album also an inspiration, most def in the headphones on the way to the gym and yoga studio. PEACE

  6. love the women’s rap on exersice. i’m a women and i exersice, but it’s nice to here of other women exersiceing and eating right ,because down here in macon ,ga. everyone is so fat and eating right is not popular at all. i’m not use to that being from the northeast. love this rap.

  7. Aye Stic,
    how can I get this station while off th internet, if possible, th radio station is enough to work out to by itself, but workout stations, or at least mine, is not internet ready.

    Plus, is there some where I can find info or an easy listing on th tracks and artists that you Rock on My Balance Radio Station?

    Technology ain’t gon stop me, but it is slowing me down…


  9. you guys dont sleep at all.
    felt like listening to ‘reparations’ (with Taj) and it led me here.
    used to follow your work on myspace.
    seeing this makes me feel good and confident.
    you know that you are surrounded with our love and prayers, but let me write it here.
    sisterly love from gwadloup

  10. Salute! Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate the work you have invested in this for the betterment of people, like me. I have question: are there any plans fo release the shows as podcasts? I would like to download this and listen to it on my way to the gym.

    I have been telling everyone I know to buy ‘The Workout.’ Btw, my Muay Thai teacher loved my ‘Healthy is the New Gangsta’ t- shirt.

  11. Just when I felt it was ALL becoming too much… I remembered, “RBG”! Needed this! Thank you & stay blessed Stic! P.E.A.C.E. g

  12. Thanks for the continuous motivation to wake up early in the morning to workout after having a baby. (FQL) Fourth Quarter Living is my new motto. Element

  13. I put down the bong and the beer, stopped eating processed and unhealthy food, although I’m still partial to the occasional pizza. I ripped all the radio shows off soundcloud, put them on my ipod and enjoyed listening to them when I went running and cycling. Can’t wait to continue listening.

  14. Thank you for the guided meditation in episode #4 of the Balance Radio Show. I have been meditating for some time now. But recently in my life, i have not been able to find the time to sit in silence and mediate. And i have observed the disadvantages that are associated with that.This episode has allowed me to return to that place of stillness that i have been neglecting. Peace

  15. Stic, Your radio show provides me with great inspiration, but I am all caught up. I will be patiently waitng your other shows. Peace be upon you, and yours!

  16. Much Luv on the show Stic. its full of information, motivation & great music. This kind of energy helps to change lives. Our culture & community is long overdue for the RBG Fit Club consciousness.

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