26 thoughts on “MERCHANDISE

  1. This is real ill keep up all the good work Stic.Man and the crew spreading all that knowledge and. always showing Discipline! By the way Nice soundtrack got them all on my Ipod while getting in my regimen and hitting the gym. One Love..

    Zach M.

  2. Just gave up the alcohol,marijuana, and cigarettes 6 days ago, withdrawing, but I know better days are sure to come. Thanks for for all the inpsiration and dedication for helping others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. One love!

      • Hey good job 🙂 keep your head up and don’t let people tell you you’re boring for living the clean and simple lifestyle. It’s worth adding the extra 10-15 years of your life.

  3. why are you vegetarian/ vegan Stic? I have been for 19 yrs, but was introduced to Primal living by a friend…check out the book Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson…at least and educational experience to ponder…has me rethinking some things…salute! namste!

  4. YO this is exactly what i’m on. Building my mind and body. I live in Los Angeles and i’m completing my cpt program as we speak so i can help others in need. I lost 60 pounds after my mom suffered from a stroke. I never want my wife and kids to have to take care of me for poor health decisions. Keep doing this man it’s truly inspiration for me to push harder and get me mind and body right.

  5. Peace! Way to activate that knowledge in wise ways and actions- the movement is making the understanding so simple and clear! keep it up soldiers!!! being mentally and physically FIT is the key FATHER – I SELF LORD and MASTER – TRUTH!!!!- we motivate each other!!! Peace – from the 7od Master Allah.

  6. discipline and right living are the keystones to growth. Stic i came across your new album and was genuinely elated to hear real people building going down. now im on your website and really enjoying it all. Thank you.

  7. Greetings, ordered a couple shirts, a book (with a bonus beat cd by Stic) and a cd. The merchandise was delivered in a timely manner and I got what I paid for! I would do business with this site again. Peace & Progress.

  8. Greetings, ordered a few things from this site and the package arrived in a timely manner! I got what I paid for and would do business with this site again. Peace & Progress.

  9. derrick weems aka chuck dee. love the website love the rbg movement always has day one yall the raw and real big homie. bout to checkout afyais site nattral.com . do you guys have a store in atlanta the where im from lithonia.

  10. never seen an album like this (dedicated to Our health and fitness and addressing things that do we them in our oppression)….i’m spreading the word…..your intro is my ringtone!!!!

  11. Peace stic’s
    Biggup forever my brother,I knew you from lifethyme natural market nyc 6th ave,the tall slim cat*
    Sendin u a shoutout,wanted to say thank you for eternal inspiration,I bought The Workout and it helped me shift outta my puffin cycles I was spiraling in*
    “I’m a d.o.pe. boys nightmare,young clean and just don’t need a hit,no cocaine anno needle fix,,breakin the cycle got to be you’re own leadership,so I just say no when friends pass me the spliff”* word up bro,,these beez them thymez,,stay strong stay up stay light stay god.

  12. i gotta say man..i have never had my blood pumping and soo much sweat being poured out of my body than i have while jamming to this and hitting the weights…like you said “i felt sore the next morning but you couldnt take the smile off my face”

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