1. Knowledge.

Seek knowledge through research, personal experience and professional instruction.  Avoid scams, fads, hypes, hustles, and injuries, by doing your homework. RBG FitClub is a Lifestyle, not a dogma. There are many roads on the Path, but if you don’t know where you want to go, then how will you hope to ever arrive? Strength, Endurance and Flexibility are the Holy Trinity of most comprehensive programs. As long as you are developing safely in these areas , you are on a good path.

2. Nutrition

Practice discipline and feed your self a balance of what your body needs to thrive. Drink plenty of fresh water and avoid sugary artificial drinks. Eat mostly live, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts (if you are not allergic). Eat other foods sparingly. Conquer all food and substance addictions. Learn to cook and make your favorite dishes with only healthy ingredients.

3. Goal centered Exercise.

A good and obvious way to stay motivated is to have SPECIFIC goals. Keep track of your progress by having a daily-weekly journal. This will keep the facts of your progress clear and help you identify strengths and areas to focus on to reach even more goals. You don’t have to have gigantic muscles to be fit nor be frail and thin. You can take boxing if you want an aggressive work out or Tai Chi if you want a more relaxing program. Yoga is great for flexibility and relaxation. There are so many ways. The key is be specific about what you want to get out of your health and fitness lifestyle. As the saying goes, if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

4. Rest

The average person needs about 7 hrs of sleep per night to function at optimal levels. Some a little more, some a little less depending on the activities in your life.. Rest is necessary for your internal systems to replenish and rejuvenate. Working out stresses the muscles but they only grow when we rest, not when we work out. Yin and Yang is the Law of duality present in all things. We must rest in order to rise. Be smart. Get your Z’s, take breaks, relax, so that you keep the cycle of energy flowing and don’t burn out from over training.

5. Consistency

Staying on your training is the most important key to your success because if you quit, you cant be successful. Understanding why we so often fail at staying on our discipline is why these 5 principles exist. When you have the right and correct information (Knowledge), the right diet to supply energy and support your growth and development (Nutrition), the right plan to reach your specific goals (Goal centered Exercise) and the right amount of chill time (Rest) you have the atmosphere for you to stay consist. Breaks are a part of the cycle so don’t give up if u need to, take a break. But put a time frame on it. If you are enjoying your program, you’ll miss it. if not, pick a new one. rotate your routine, try a new program to break the monotony. Work break times into your overall plan. We have no problem continuing what we enjoy, so above all, have fun.

Remember: Winners never quit & Quitters never win. (unless we talking about Smoking. lol)

27 thoughts on “THE 5 PRINCIPLES

  1. Wondering what you think about
    how we can’t digest most nuts?

    Just saw that & jus recently asked my sister
    to see what th Nation of Islam(Mosque 45)
    Would say about th 25 Super Foods of th
    Oprah Winfrey Network
    & nuts were one of th warning flags.

    • salaams….peace. i’m only 31 and was going kind of hard with the legumes and nuts this summer time. after a couple of months of consuming this diet (along with plenty of veggies and fruits), i developed a condition called diverticulitis — a condition that normally develops in the bodies of people much older. i came to find out that the nuts were getting stuck in my bowel lining, making small sacks where other food would begin to collect, as well. the only way that i knew something was wrong was when i got rushed to the ER because of an intense stomach pain. i ended up getting flushed and was stuck in bed for a half a week. even after the bedrest, my movements were limited. towards the end of the summer, my Queen and i invested in a vitamix. we now get all of our flaxseed, legumes, and nuts, but they are blended and pulverized first. it is an expensive investment, but i promise, its a game changer. i was even more surprised to find out that fruits with skins are just as bad, as the skins can get stuck in the lining, as well. eat up, eat right, live long, and prosper! love and light!

      • Peace,
        Saw the post n thought it was great advice. My question is what nuts were u eating n what fruits are u referring to?

        Salute king

      • Peace King!


        I was mainly eating raw cashews, almonds, and walnuts, but also enjoyed an assortment of different kinds from time to time. I know a lot of Brothers and Sisters who soak nuts, as well, and then sprinkle curry powder or other seasonings on them for taste. I am just always wary of losing the holistic properties of certain foods when it comes to preparing them in that way, so I never tried that approach. As far as fruits, I consume several different kinds (native/non-native to N. America) with no problems, but I make certain to peel (or put in the Vitamix/Blender) any fruits with skins. Also, when it comes to blender’s I prefer that Vitamix because it comes with a nine-year warranty and dull blades. It’s the engine that does the work and it pulverizes all skins, nuts, and seeds with ease, giving you maximum vitamin return/intake. Hope that helps!


      • ….p.s. apples, grapes, plums, tomatoes, etc. anything with an exterior cover like these are what you want to peel or blend. raw and organic, if you can.

  2. I am at up 5:30 this morning having had two main thoughts on my mind this week.

    1. War – coming in and out of certain circles has called me to calm. I had to re-remember the call to arms. However, the difference for me now is it is a call to arm my own life.

    2. No one has to pimp me anymore I’m pimpin myself – Two nights ago I watched a video by Dr. Jewel Pookrum. She explained that there are certain chemicals, such FLOURIDE, that create dramatic interference with our own neural circuitry. The main issue being that it specifically causes an inability to distinguish what are our organic thoughts and what are implanted thoughts. Our neural preceptors considers them the same. Leading me to fully recognize that I am destroying myself, while other aware parties keep their hands apparently clean. In other words ” I have become okay with pain and other manners of slavery and warfare”. I am deleting this from my system.

    What is problematic is that I have been “living” a “healthy” vegetarian lifestyle for over 10yrs. However, we all know vegetarians can have terrible eating habits. Food addiction is a very real game. I have said it and preached it until I was blue in the face. It’s true what is said, ” Anything you say to someone really is what you need to hear for yourself”.

    This morning I had a fantastic dream. I was in prison! It was great! I was completely at peace because my mind was my own. One punishment was to hold a push-up position. I did it effortless because of my yoga regime and was able to hold encouraging conversations with the other women. Next, we had to go chow-hall. I saw folks so unhappy with their food. I got all tickled and decided I wanted to volunteer to cook for the detention center. I then sat with an old high school friend who, like me, was wrongfully accused and sentenced. I told her my story and then added I was not squeaky clean, nobody is and the CO gave me a pound as if to comment about himself and his reality. I didn’t feel threatened by him or anything around me. I had no opposition only myself.

    This isn’t about fitting into a dress or being cute. This is my life. It doesn’t stop once I hit some target. It goes for eternity. Now that is my natural mind. I am eternal. I am doing everything possible to re-awaken to that. RBG Fit Club.

  3. I’ve always been a fan of the music, and this is just what I been looking for, someone to steer me in the right direction of health and fitness, I thank you for sharing positivity and caring for others, peace

  4. good job man, I will continue to follow you from Italy
    You are giving a very good example to the people

    take care, be strong, be healthly and continue to make good music



  5. I just wanna say thanks for you like so many people here! Your album also motivating me to stay sober and work hard for the perfect results. Greetings from Europe!

  6. Thank You for the motivation! “The Workout” album is a pure classic for sure, 10/10. Good inspiration for everybody. Revolutionary lifestyle changer for many hopefully!

  7. I salute you! I admire your hard work & dedication.. It is very inspiring & I’m going to soak up this advice & take it for all that I can… Thank you for such positive vibes, its a blessing to be apart of this movement…. Sat Nam… Cali’ego

  8. Right on!! In the last two months I have lost 38 pounds. Gym 6 days/week. No meat. or diet or energy drink. Only water salmon. veggies, fruit, and nuts. Focused on it. last 5 weeks been 2 days. 5am wkout then 6pm wkout. Its normal now. During this process i have been doing alot of reading and studying in general. Time doesnt stop, we do. Train your mind and the body will follow.

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