A personal trainer is the guy or gal who is going to help get you into shape if it’s the last thing they do. Hiring a personal trainer is an awesome way to get into shape fast. A personal trainer will keep you motivated, take care of all your workout planning, monitor your progress, and even give you nutritional advice. They can be the key to a well-balanced workout and reaching your goals. Though by some standards personal training services can be pricey, they can be well worth it, helping give you the push you need to meet not only  your immediate goals, but to give you the foundation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on your own for years to come.

RBG FIT CLUB is currently working on building a database of trainers across the country to help you reach you 2012 fitness goals. Stay tuned as we add more great resources to our site & thank you for your continued support! WINGZ UP…SALUTE!

***If you are a personal trainer of great character and are knowledgeable and effective, and are committed to ethical business practices and would like to be featured in our database, please contact us at STICRBG@GMAIL.COM with your information.

2 thoughts on “PERSONAL TRAINERS

  1. My name is Preech. I live in the DC metro area, I specialize in toning, weightloss, flexibility and strength conditionings. I am also a vegan. I do not take any protein shakes or supplements. I am also a heavy weight lifter. At the weight of 185 pounds my max bench press is 340 and can rep 225 for 20. I am heavily involved in calisthenics. I have a group in DC which I do calisthenics with as far as pull ups, dips, body squats, and many core exercises as children are also welcome to join. I am into working with healing our temple (mind, body, soul). Look forward to hearing back. Peace.

  2. Dear STIC,

    I’ve been a fan of Dead Prez since I first heard “Hip-hop” on MTV. I
    have a personal training company called The L Trainer.
    We are based in New York City, we specialize in park and in-home training.

    I wanted to make contact because we organize free events for people in
    different communities to attend and learn about healthy habits and

    I would appreciate being added to your database and I can let you know
    when we organize free events.

    Good luck on your marathon!

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