For this FEBRUARY 2012, in honor of Black History Month RBG FIT CLUB celebrates Black Contributions in Health & Fitness! Be inspired, enlightened and motivated all month long by the great legacy of Afrikans around the world throughout the Diaspora who have made an impact on Our world, not just in sports, but in the all realms of Health and Fitness!


12 thoughts on “INSPIRATIONS!

  1. And thank u RBG FIt club, u reach me all the way in Denmark,scandinavia..
    Im building up yhe body that i allways wantede 🙂

  2. The workout album by stic man is the best album i have heard in ages motivational music at its best, nice beats great lyrics helps me go that extra round in sparring or push those last 2 reps in tthe gym, has had an infectious imopact on anyone who hears it

  3. Thanks for all This ! Thanks for helping the Youth raising up the Bar by having a better innerstanding of themselves, ancestors, their past and so their brighter future. I am an Haitian needing the type of support, material you guys at RBG Fitclub are providing. I will continue doing my best to keep the Bar as High as possible at any given time. One !

  4. Word up DP, Stic.Man This whole site, together with the videos and the album done changed my attitude towards training and fitness. Bless

  5. Peace god! I appreciate you 4 this stic. I have always had struggles with my weight but this seems to be working 4 me. I will send you an “after” pic when I get there. Peace & Love.

  6. Been rep-n 28years of godbody (newark NJ)showing and proving. STIC I see it in your eyes GOD. You putting in work. Teach ’em the math too

  7. Stic, I am 37yrs old, 5’11” and 150 pds. I work at a fitness center and I be killing most kats on the bars. Lately the when I workout the only thing that is coming through my Beats By Dre’s is Let it Burn or Champion, or my favorite, Back on my Regimin. The good part about it is “When It Hit I Feel No Pain” LOL. But nah, real talk you inspire me because you represent the slim frame soldiers out here trying to get it in. I salute you my Brother, I AM A CHAMPION!!! RBG FOR LIFE!!!

  8. The Yoga Mat ! Salute to you Stic for making an amazing inspirational album.
    If you ever want to do a yoga teacher training. We would love to have you ! Perhaps you would trade some verses for the training. No matter what keep doing your thing ! God bless !!!

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