Mobb Deep’s Prodigy schools a young brother on the new G code: Health!

*Disclaimer: RBG FIT CLUB does not endorse eating chicken of any kind. But we support the general spirit of what the brother P is expressing and we salute him for taking the time to do so. For more info on WHY we don’t endorse eating chicken, whether baked or fried, or beef etc,…click here…

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You can do a lot with 15 minutes. One of the best investments you can make with your time is in Health and Fitness. For those of us with very busy schedules the RBG-15 is a great way to “get your regimen in” without it taking away too much of your valuable time from other areas of your life. The RBG-15 Workout is easy to do and you will feel it. Reap Benefits Guaranteed. Let’s do it.

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Martial Arts inspiration from Afrika!

This video is so amazing. It features talented young Afrikan orphans from Malawi, who are training in Kung fu, like the Monks do in Asia. A superb and moving job their teacher is doing. Such a natural fit too, since Afrika gave birth to the fighting arts, and humanity as well for that matter. The African continent is rich in history and it is not surprising that it boasts some of the oldest martial arts in existence. Its varied landscape—the massive expanses of deserts, the lush green jungles, and the amazing vistas and fauna—is reflected in the diversity of its martial arts, which, along with those of the Middle East and central Asia, are arguably among the most captivating in the world.

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